Monday, August 15, 2011

Phase One: the physical declutter!

for those of you who read this blog as an adventure in sustainable gardening .... you will have to forgive me for what may seem a tangent at this moment in time.

it's easy to think about all the healthy stuff that you are growing and how good it is going to be for your family.  but right now, because our lives are in this in between space with the big move bush ... it is giving me the time to see that our desire to be simple is far beyond just what we eat ... because our lives are much more than that .... it is a conscious shift away from the technified, over- processed, chemical filled, media managed chaos that fills so much of our world.  it is a mindset to not over engineer .... but to do life as simply as we can.  and for us, right now ... that is about decluttering.

and  oh boy!  are we in the middle of that.  with this move one of the first things we have to do is DECLUTTER and get rid of stuff.  no small feet for two pack rat parents and three small children!  but it has started.  a good friend gave me a loving kick up the backside.  i need to walk the walk ... i can't talk about living a more fruitful simple life if my family has too much junk. so we are:

  1. putting heaps of stuff out for the council pick-up this week.  if it is broken, has no potential use .... in the pile it goes.
  2. not sure if it's of any use but think someone might find a use for it?  it goes in the pile for vinnies
  3. haven't used it in 6 months?  still in good nick?  goes in the pile for our garage sale.
  4. anything left over from the garage sale will go out in freecycle
.... and hopefully what is left over is the essentials .... those things that hold precious memories and fulfill immediate needs now.  because everything else just doesn't matter.

this move is giving us the perfect opportunity to simplify and declutter.  physically, spiritually and emotionally.  phase one is the physical ...  so that the living out of our lives reflects that which we are so wed to in our hearts.

reflecting the beauty and simplicity with which this world was created
that honours the way our Father Creator ordained things
that puts people and not things at the centre
that loves ... simply

some practical decluttering resources:


  1. Good luck with it all. There's nothing like a move to inspire decluttering. We missed our spring clean last year but we have scheduled in a week this year. I hope we can achieve a similar declutter!

  2. I'm sorry - I smiled when i read this, remembering what your dorm room looked like in college. (But there were days when mine was no better. Oh the adjustments Keith and I have had over the years because he was a neat person and I wasn't.)

    Yes, I agree with your desire to live simply and that means getting rid of stuff. I've heard it said that it's important to get rid of the stuff that doesn't matter so you have more time for the things that do matter.