Saturday, August 20, 2011

... of boots 'n berries

so i have a need.
working boots.
going rural demands it, right?
i've managed just fine without them in our little organic backyard ....
but when you go rural, you just gotta get boots!

and hey!  support the local economy and buy when we get up there, yes?  of course!

only, the other day i was thinking and reviewing the info on this Market Garden Course that we're going to in mid September @ Milkwood Farm.... a vital part of our thinking and goals as we move to bush.  and guess what?  they tell you to bring good work boots!  hurrah!  my excuse to get boots now!

and how lucky i am that i was walking down the main drag of Springwood the other day and saw the local work gear shop had a sale on .... and in my size too!

so here they are .... my new boots.  wearing them heaps to get them worn in before going to the farm and moving up north!  yeah!  don't 'ya love the check pattern?  just a little bit o' funk ... but you wouldn't expect any less from me!  <g>

oh, and have a look at this after all the work we've done, our strawberries are starting to fruit .. everywhere! hope we get to enjoy some before we move!  at least we know our new tenants kids LOVE strawberries!