Friday, August 26, 2011

Giving with a Smile

Countdown .... 33 days until we no longer call the Blue Mountains home ....

apart from a family embroiled in fighting off a plague called Bronchitis (yes, we all have it) .... what are we doing?

giving things away.  gluttonous generosity.

and guess what?  it feels really good!

i have mourned with great saddness at the work that's gone into making our backyard a small reflection of sustainability.  thinking it was all lost.  but i think i'm seeing things a bit differently today.

... the artichokes from the front yard that will get a new life with the family from the neighborhood.
... the tray of beetroot seedlings that have gone to someone i know loves their daily dose of freshly squeezed beets
... the mixture of plants ready to be put in the ground given to a young girl who is just turning on to a love of growing veg
... giving away the home made bbq to a family that loves to engage in their outdoor world with their kids
... chooks going to homes where fresh eggs are treasured
... and more to come as folks visit and hang out and get sent home with little boxes of things that will make them happy.

huh ..... bit of a legacy that makes me happy.

yup .... smiling a bit today.

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