Our Family: What Is Important To Us

my husband, scott, and i have been blessed with three amazing children.  we aren't ashamed to admit that we are VERY proud of our munchkins and couldn't feel more comfortable in our skin as parents of these kids. 

and here they are ..... Lea (8), Raymie (6) and JJ (4).  The lights of our lives and hearts. 

all three of our children are adopted from the Philippines.  it is our job to ensure that they know who they are in their hearts (proudly filipino and a child of God) and embrace their culture and unique lives in every way possible.  they come from a wonderful little orphanage about two hours east of Manila up in the mountains called Rehoboth Children's Home.

our kids have reminded me just how wonderful it is to live in simplicity.  they love nothing more than being outside and playing in the yard and harrassing our chooks.  i do sometimes wonder how we get eggs after they have been chased by our 4 year old ... but we do! 

the children are learning to love and enjoy the garden as well.  when the cherry tomato's are in full bloom there is hardly a day goes by when they don't strip them clean of their yummy treats!

our children are why we are moving our lives towards simplicity and that Evanglical Environmentalist approach of "creation care" .... we want to leave this world better than it was so our children can live fullfilled and happy lives.