Sunday, August 7, 2011

why we are doing this ...

i have been doing a heap of grumbling this week .... sorry to admit it .... but that is where it is.  i even found myself walking around the garden telling the seedlings that i planted before the decision to move that i wasn't gonna water them and hoped that they would die (thank you Father Creator for sending the rain to reinforce that You are in control and not me!).

but i'd be lying if i didn't say it's been really hard.  we've toiled at making our backyard something sustainable and regenerative.  we certainly weren't "there" ... but were well on our way to it.  i had spring dreams of giant sunflowers and corn with beans growing up them.  a ground cover of asparagus and strawberries with heaps of over canopy beans.

but it's all stopped.  because we are moving.  hubby has even been pulling down the old chicken coop, where we were gonna keep the poultry / eating chickens, but in order to make this a reasonable and manageable rental, we have to pull that down.  <sigh>  i've been gradually giving away my seedlings that haven't been planted, and even pulled up a lemon tree today and gave it to a dear friend.

grumble, grumble.... and then i get pulled up by that inner voice that reminds me of everything that we do have.  of everything that we are promised, and the possibilities and the opportunities that lay ahead of us.

and even more importantly ... why we are doing this.  to create a place where our kids can live a sustainable life long after we are gone .... long after the peak oil skeptics finally cave.

we are doing this for our children.  there is no better reason or purpose ... 
thank you Father God for that reminder.


  1. And aren't they beautiful! You are a huge encouragement Maggie - I would find it incredibly difficult to you what you are doing. I will pray for peace for you.


  2. thanks l! we know it's a God thing ... this job (a sr exec IT job rural!), a great school for the kids to go to, and affordable land to regenerate and be God's stewards of. we are amazed at His blessings to us ... but yes .... it is daunting, overwhelming and the process of "detaching" from stuff and people is a bit tough on the old heart strings! but we will get through. appreciate your prayers!

  3. Sending a hug, Maggie. it is hard - you have built up memories as well as a garden. But,wow - what a wonderful life you are about to build for your family! Breathe and let go..

  4. Thanks Ms Crofter! it's an amazing ebb and flow journey .... getting excited about all the possibilities (e.g., joel salatin style! ... gonna read is Yes! You Can Farm book next!) and keeping very busy .... with a hand recouperating from surgery, heaps of kids activities, a garage sale and a three day "how to start a market garden" course .... just the inspiration i need to get started! we're waiting on just the right piece of land ... but look at this ... and so affordable!

  5. Good luck to you Maggie. It must be really tough for you all at the moment. But you sound like you are happy with your decision - hard but exciting.