The Mum Thing .....

... this page is moving!  due to a demanding friend and the fact that i'm coming to terms with the incites and journey that i am walking as an adoptive parent ... i have decided that our adoption journey needs it's own blog. 

you can now find these thoughts at The Mum Thing.

while no doubt this blog will share things about our day-to-day journey of adoption parenting ... i am hoping that i can actually provide more thots with regard to the post adoption process of assisting our children to own their history and culture.   the twists and turns we walk as parents who want our kids to see themselves as unique children of God ... blessed and joyful in everything .... including a history that they can own and appreciate.  Pinoy and Proud! 

hope to see you at the new blog if you are an adoptive parent!


  1. I'm looking forward to reading more! Your children are gorgeous and I particularly love the photo of you and your daughter!

  2. thanks Nicki! as mum's we all need to get silly from time to time .... and she just "had" to play with my hair! ah .... my kids keep me young!