Tuesday, August 2, 2011

thots on relationships

... it has begun.

boxes being collected
items sorted
garage sale stuff stashed
precious memories being boxed
broken trinkets trashed

i am having a hard time quantifying my life into such black and white area's -- with rigidity and rules.  i know that this type of spring cleaning can be good for the soul ... but i am yet to experience that refreshment of heart.  

i believe it will happen ... am absolutely confident of that.  but just at this particular moment ... the reflection on the relationships and people who have become so dear to us here are the focus of my hearts eye.  and perhaps that is the key.  "things" don't make memories ... people do.

one of those beautiful things about a simple life.  memories don't clutter ... memories clarify.  memories are a part of the tapestry of our lives and loves.  a representation of the people that have meant so much to us.  a representation of the relationships that are yet a promise that is held in tomorrow.


  1. Just reading your past posts and now understand this one better. All the best for what lays ahead, in the here and now of packing and sorting, and the move towards something very exciting and new.

  2. thanks kate! huge excitement ... it is an adventure! i love you what you guys have done ... and it's folks like you, who teach and share your knowledge that inspire us to keep pushing on towards a more sustainable lifestyle that renews the land. thanks!

  3. |Good luck with this - you WILL make it - really you will. Only three months ago I was standing knee deep in packing boxes,husband laid up with a back injury, a move out date that hurtled towards me, groaning with despair. But, you know, a box at a time, and we got there. it hardly seems possible to think of that now.

  4. thanks so much for the encouragement!