Thursday, July 28, 2011

what in the world???

calling all chook / bird lovers ..... have a look at this (and note the comparison in size to my thumb!)

any idea what in the world it is?  it was in our chook house this morning.  wrong colour and size for our girls!  we do have a plethora of wild birds that scavange with our chooks .... but i am amazed at the thot that they might use our nesting boxes?!?!?!?  if you know what it could be ... please post your thots!

on another note .... these pages may be a bit slow for the next week or two.  i am going in for hand surgery tomorrow which will mean that the keyboard and i have a slightly removed relationship!  i had wanted to get my book review done before going in .... but alas ... two more chapters to read!  so you'll have to wait on that one!

cu soon!  and keep me entertained with what you think this egg might be!  <g>


  1. It looks like a smartie in the photo. Are your chooks capable of laying chocolate???

  2. kim! wouldn't that be nice! hubby thinks is a cuckoo egg. friends think it's just an errant chook egg gone awry .... i'm gonna try and just see it as an amusing oddity for the day!