Thursday, July 7, 2011

freedom to choose

i have started reading Everything I Want to Do is Illegal, by joel salatin.  review to come, but in the meantime, it has me thinking, again, about the control that the industry has over so much of what we do.  yeah, they SAY it is in our best interest.  but honestly .... we know the lobby for the big business is very strong and very powerful .... do you really think that controlling so much of our day-to-day lives is really in our best interest?

what would bless my socks off would be for people to take the time to educate themselves to the issues at hand.  why do we so often take the easy out and just assume that it's ok for the government to control our lives and choose what we put on our tables each day?  just take the time to watch Food, Inc. or Gasland and you will understand that it is the big business lobby that is in it for their own interests and gain.  and they are happy for you to not think and not use your brain to make your own best decisions for your family.

here in australia ......

joel salatin makes the point very early on in his book that the government is out to make you think that everyone wants to give you a raw deal.  that they will use unsafe standards or contaminated materials to make their goods with.  what would happen if we chose to have the opposite perspective.  that our neighbor farmer or producer is just out to grow goods and sell them.  to make some great creamy ice cream, home made jams or breads.  what if we believed in that and supported it rather than regulating it out of existence?

i know that i am feeling the affects of this quite directly.  we want for me to be able to stay at home and be there when our kids are growing.  this means i need to try and develop an income generator from home.  what better than playing off the things i love?  cooking and fresh produce!  value adding to what we grow so that we have yummy preserved and canned goods .... to sell and share with our community.  it's a win win!  i can stay home for my kids and local buyers get yummy food.  alas, the regulations are so tight here that i am unable to cook in my own kitchen because it's not a commercial kitchen!  they assume i am out to do the wrong thing ... to hurt people, or earn a cheap dollar. it's really wrong!  it's denying me the right to earn a living through what i do and for people to enjoy delectably yummy and good food that is .... egad .... healthy!

we need to fight this mentality.  people are so lethargic when it comes to what we put in our bodies.  don't wewant to eat healthy good food?  stuff that will give us energy and nutrients rather than filling us with empty calories? we need to fight this because we should have the freedom to decide what is best for our families.  we need to fight this way of thinking because it is our right to live free and enjoy the foods we want!

make a difference.  by local.  shop at your are market, not the large chain grocery stores.  go to a butcher to buy your meat .... ask if it is grain or grass fed (you always want grass!).  if you see a road side stall .... stop and buy their produce!  it may not be as pretty as the stuff in the large grocery stores .... but i bet it tastes better!

and the most important way we can make a difference is to think.  if we come across a regulation that is inhibiting our freedom .... question it.  talk to your local poli ... find out the rationale behind it.  is there a large multi-national behind it?  can almost guarantee that regulation will assist them!  use your freedom of expression and thinking to understand and make an educated choice .... not an easy or convenient choice .... but an educated choice!


  1. thelittle black cow blogJuly 7, 2011 at 6:29 PM

    You go girl!!!
    It's sad when we want to do a cake stall for a school fundraiser and the regulations get in the way too!!
    That book sounds so interesting , can't wait to read it.

  2. I am reading another of his books - and it is wonderful.. I thought I knew a lot of this stuff, but there are still duh moments - a lot of them in fact.We do what we can but sometimes I feel those big guys have really pinned us down. They say it is what the customers want, but we can only chose from the options we are offered. Hopefully when we are fully up and running, we can offer an alternative in our area.
    And I am just learning about fracking too - grrr. xx

  3. fracking is terrifying. they are looking at doing it within 30 km of us .... near the major water source for the entire Sydney basin. oh stupid! honestly .... do these guys not get it! have you watched gasland? scary stuff!

  4. i agree with you 100%! go Maggie! :)