Tuesday, July 26, 2011

... a fork in the road

so ... for better or worse, you guys are following my blog as our family embarks on the suburban sustainability adventure.  are you ready for the divergence in this yellow brick road that we are wandering down?

what would you do if your biggest dream was presented to you on a serving tray ... beautifully wrapped with all the trimmings and you were told .... GO FOR IT!

would you believe it?
would you laugh at it?
would you embrace it?

or ....

would you want to run the other direction because this is so exciting it is scary?

that is where i find myself.  hubby has been offered a job in rural NSW .... and not just any job, but a Sr level exec IT position that would be a great challenge for him.  wow.  my spine starts to get a bit tingly.  we go out to check on schools .... two great schools to choose from.  land?  oh yeah .... large acreages that are so within our price range and reach!  we could live the life the way we want .... and truly embark on that sustainability train ride hard core.

so why am i so nervous?  why does it scare me?

i have to make a confession:  i'm comfortable where i am ... i have poured so much into our lives and times here ... and it's really starting to show fruit.  why would i want to leave that now?  dare i admit that i'm a little scared?  what if we fail?  what if it's all too hard (inspite of the fact that we can get interns and woofers on board) .... what if?  what about?  have i thot of????? all the excuses start flowing.

why do it?  because of the challenge (when i started this blog i stated quite clearly that life could be better post 50!).  because i want to support my husband (it is a great job opportunity for him) .... and because of the life that we would be making for our family (creation care).

cherish the memories we have made, but don't look back .... look to the future

so i hope you will continue to join me in our quest to detach and get rid of things here.  to make the move.  truly finding sustainability on a back patio as we rent until we find a piece of land we can reclaim and be wise stewards of in our application of regenerative agriculture and permaculture principals.  i have a feeling that it is going to be a roller coaster.  but one that will be life changing for our family.  i can't ask for more than that.

so here we go .... with the next few months simplicity focusing on "shedding" excess .... so we can move simply!


  1. Wow! What is the saying...be careful what you wish for. I think it is a wonderful opportunity for you all...even if challenging and unsettling. Go for it...and take us along for the ride!

  2. It sounds wonderful Maggie! It must also be terrifying - such a huge challenge. I know that they move will be a wonderful opportunity for all of you and such a buzz for the kids.


  3. I know it is scary , Maggie but it is also wonderfully wonderful. I know what you mean about putting so much work into your garden too...it is hard to leave that kind of work - but imagine the kind of permaculture fans you will attract to your property whether you decide to rent or sell. It's like making permaculture happen twice, what a great footprint to leave behind you.
    I can just see you embracing this new challenge and all it has to offer. Having brought two well adjusted kids up in a rural area, I can tell you right now that your kids are going to absolutely love it. Country kids are so open and friendly and will embrace your gorgeous kids with open arms.
    Go for it and don't be afraid to ask david and I questions about acreage , land values,farm types etc.(even how many cows/sheep you can have in your space ) . I can send you my mobile phone number if you want to ask questions in person. Though i am sure with all your permaculture knowledge you will be well prepared.
    lots of love and good wishes,

  4. kim .... thanks for your kind words! yes, i must say i look at our backyard and sigh .... i think about my first real batch of asparagus that are in the ground ...third year so i was expecting a great crop. but i KNOW what we are going to will be great. now i just need renters who want to grow things in this lush soil we've tucked in!
    i may just pick your brain about land! we're gonna be renting for 6-12 months. longer than that and i'll go bonkers. we'll be going to Casino .... so it's beef country! (hubby will be working at Southern Cross Uni in Lismore) i'm hoping my drive for a commercially viable market garden will compliment the local trade well! we just spent the weekend up there and really liked it. the folks were VERY friendly!
    at this point it looks like we'll have the kids in for T4 .... so heaps to do between now and then .... i have a feeling that this and my "themumthing" blog will become a bit cathartic for me in this move ....

  5. Casino is gorgeous!! so jealous of your new climate. Probably any property there is going to be lovely.
    Have fun with your planning.

  6. enjoyed your post, sounds a little familiar to my previous life