Sunday, April 10, 2011

simplicity trick #1 .. hippy macrame...

i spent some time today revisiting my hippy flower power roots .... and i did some macrame!  <g>
the project has started!

all in the best interests of the garden!  i am ready to plant another patch of peas.  had pretty good success last year .... but they are a crop that you need LOTS of to make it worth while.   knowing that heaps of sun would get me heaps more peas ... i set about the undertaking of wondering if i should move them from their location last year. 

i was dead keen to exploit glorious east / west sun we get in our backyard (even in the winter!) and decided to put them in a bed in the middle of the yard and train them up a trellis.  but this time ... i was going to do it ala Hugh at River Cottage ... it looked cool, a but funky and always different .... so i knew it would be a go'er for me. 

oh .... and the other part of that .... cost next to nothing as well.  we had gotten a great deal on HUGE bamboo stakes .... 6 for $7 .... so used two of those and one of the limbs from the tree's that hubby has been cutting down in the backyard.  lasso'd them together and then commenced the macrame project.  put a few nails in the wood at the bottom to hold them nice and straight and wala!  a great climbing vine for the pea's .... getting east/west sun so i should double my crop!  total cost was probably around $2.50

is it perfect?  absolutely not!  but it was a first attempt and it'll know some key thing to remember next time.  but it was great getting the kids involved (part of the wonkiness is giving the kids a go and me learning to NOT be anal about it needing to be perfect ....!!  i patted myself on the back for that one!).  it was great being outside in the delightful autumn weather with the family and enjoy this amazing creation that God has entrusted to us .... what a way to spend a morning!  ahhhh .... 'tis a great thing to live a simple life!

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