Monday, April 11, 2011

better than .... !!!!!

okay .... so we all know the old line that there isn't anything better than growing your own food, right? 

i disagree!  there is indeed something better than growing your own food.  and that is growing your own food and watching your family eat it and enjoy it!

last night i fed my family lasagna.  nothing special?  well .... let's see ... homemade lasagna sheets (infused with basil pesto), homemade passata, and homegrown diced tomato's, spinach and leaf basil.  only things in it that weren't homegrown were the cheeses and the meat.  the family snarfed it .... and i have to say .... THAT FELT PRETTY DARN GOOD!

i reckon we could all feel really proud knowing we've fed our kids healthy, homegrown food.  when we know the origin and trust that it isn't full of "monsanto like" garbage .... then we can go to bed knowing we're doing the right thing by our family.

my youngest in the broad beans
i was planting my celeriac, comfrey and cauliflower seeds a few weeks ago and in my mind i was already seeing the little sprouts coming out of the pots .... needing some TLC to ensure that they grow as best they can.  proper nutrients, water and heaps of light.  it was a great and wonderful feeling to see in my minds eye the hard work of caring for these little seeds paying off.

and then my mind took the next amazing step ....  cauliflower and leek soup .... with some nice crusty sourdough bread on the side .... all with products fresh from my garden.  yummmmmmoooooo! is there anything better?

i am blessed with a desire to create new and different soups during the winter season down under .... trying whatever odds and sods are available.  it is amazing what delectible concoctions can be created with a little thought and planning!  and the freshness of what you have just created cannot be compared to using produce from the grocery store ... there is no comparison because the taste just doesn't exist.

taking the time to grow and feed your family from the good earth, for me, is worship.  it is saying to our loving Heavenly Father, who created this good earth for our ENJOYMENT and use "thank you Father" .... "thank you for loving us so much that you gave us this amazing world to enjoy and cherish."  selah.

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