Saturday, April 23, 2011

living in community

friends of mine are getting into sustainable living in a big way .... and, as for many in their shoes, the big leap is to get chickens. understanding the value they bring to a home with eggs and the manure for composting was the easy sell.  but they are a responsibility and understanding the best way to care for them can seem daunting .... but when you take the leap!  woohoo! 

so ... they want chooks ... and we can help 'em out! 

chook coop in the trailer and
ready to go!

other friends of mine are moving (i'm sad!) ... and they won't be taking their chickens and so need to find them a new home.  so why not bring these guys together so they help each other out?
so here we are on the saturday wedged between Good Friday and Holy Easter .... living in community and helping out friends.  what a joy it was!

we started off by getting the bits into the trailer and moving them.  we all met and helped out together!  thankfully, we were able to pull apart the chicken coop to a point of fitting it into our trailer with ease.  the chooks, food and watering can were packed up and we were ready to go .... but not until we had a great natter over morning tea / coffee and the kids had a play.  

then it was off to get the girls set up in their new chook mansion.  we had a bit of work to do as during the move a few bit came off ... but we assumed the position and with hammers in hand put those boards back in place.  and then the fencing came into play, and after one revision .... voula!  the short term chicken run was in place and the girls were launched into their accomodation. 

the final fixin's!
a lot of good came out of today.  peoples needs were met.  people were encouraged to live in a more sustainable way.  words can't really describe the joy in just being with like minded folk who want to improve how they live by living in community ...  by engaging in each others lives.   
me hammering a nail ...
what a joke!

how often do we really reach out and engage those around us?  our neighbors?  or do we live lives that shy away from meeting people where they are at .... even if it is just a smile?  is it easier to turn away and ignore those around us than to see if there is something that we can do to help?  when was the last time that you reached out to those around you?  and if not, why not?  if you were in trouble, wouldn't you want to know that help was right next door with a neighbor? 

the temporary shelter is done!
enjoy girls!

to have a good neighbor we need to be a good neighbor.  it doesn't take a lot.  a bit of kindness .... if you see a need, meet it.  the rewards are amazing.  when we left our friends house today it felt good knowing that we had helped someone out.  okay .... so maybe it wasn't a life threatening issue that we helped with ....but it was helping.  it was assisting them in getting somewhere they wanted to go.  getting outside of our walls of protection and doing something for someone else .... and it felt good.

as for the chooks .... they will be a great addition to their household.  besides being a great diversion, they will provide eggs, work the soil and create great compost.  you beauty!  <g>


  1. I am so happy to say that when it comes to community we are living the dream! The chooks have really settled in and the proof of that is the three eggs that we were blessed with this morning!!! Thank you guys for all your hard work yesterday, just sing out when you require an extra pair of hands for your next project and I'll send Steve around!

  2. I'm enjoying your site and I love this post! I'm on a similar journey into simplicity, 'though my circumstances are different. So good to bump into you!