Monday, July 16, 2012

farm days

i forgot my camera when we were out at the property with friends last week (add four kids to the mix!).  coulda shot myself for that.  if i had had it with me, you would've seen pictures of ....

  • a new colour of green tree frog.  this one was light green with grey and black lines around the eyes.  
  • kids in bare feet running around and having fun
  • kids raking up the grass from the mower into piles for using as mulch
  • ...and then ripping it down and forming it into forts to shoot each other from!
  • playing "red light / green light" and "what's the time mr wolf" across this vast expanse
  • exploring the dam and seeing all the cool life that surrounds a water source.
it was really a treat for me to see these kids running around and having fun.  it made my heart happy is really the only way i can say it.  it's always been about doing the best for our family ... about being a family.  so, because i forgot the camera .... here are a few other shots of times out at the farm where the kids have inspired me and us .... to keep on keeping on!

our friend Trevor with the kids ... he just delivered two large hay bales!
thank you!

the first large green tree frog .... we've seen a fair few smaller ones, but this is
the only one that has sat still long enuf for us to take a picture.

JJ and friend playing in the hay .... 'nuf said!

daddy showing Raymie how to scythe!

too cute .... farmer JJ!

every farm must have it's princess ... and we have one to fit the bill!
perched high atop her throne!

hey mum!  look at me!

planting the pea tree! (a la River Cottage!)

... yes mum .... i put in all the green manure like you asked me too!

Ninja JJ  coming up from behind the compost pile!

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  1. Ninja JJ rocks! It looks idyllic, enjoy the journey!