Monday, July 23, 2012

the way it's meant to be ....

life is a bit chaotic at home.

  • paperwork in to council ... check
  • quote requested from Pooh Solutions for composting toilet that meets council requirements .... check
  • waiting for call back from vendor regarding grey water reed bed system .... ugh
  • power paperwork in for approval .... check
  • shed's for shower/laundry/storage designed (pallets, btw!) .... check
  • maggie still seeking motivation to sort and pack ..... STILL SEEKING!!!!!
  • waiting for resolution to mobile phone dispute .... no data usage if i am not at home using our local wireless network ..... ugh
  • kids starting to feel unsettled ..... BIG CHECK!
we put our paperwork in to council over a week ago.  we were told best case scenario is that we will receive approval in two weeks .... but expect four.  this council isn't all that up to speed with composting toilets .... so we are expecting some issues .... but we did it all by the books .... which means they have no space to reject it.  but ready to fight if we need to.  interesting how we are finding folks who are interested in doing deals with us because if we get this through council, well .... it opens up a whole new set of clients for them!

and in the midst of this we are spending our evenings tooling around the industrial estates looking for pallets ... going to friends farms who have piles of corrugated iron paneling behind their  barns that we can just "take" .... scrounging whatever freebies or cheap alternatives that we can.

but, back to the present .... we are spending our weekends the way expect too for the next few months.  up bright and early with the trailer and x-trail packed to the brim with all the goodies we've sourced to take out to the property.  unpack ..... let the kids play for a while and enjoy being on the land.  we have a new rule for the kids .... they work for 15 minutes and then get to play for 30.  right now the big chore is making piles of mulch from all the grass clippings from the mowing .... we'll have mulch for a long time i reckon!

and there is always a way to play .... even in the midst of chores.  the boys helping daddy lay out the ag pipe we've collected (drip lines in our future) to see how much we have ... and of course you have to test the sound carrying capacity!

so we work hard and then we play hard and then we relax .... cause let's face it ..... and the end of every day, this is the way it's meant to be ....

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  1. Wow - you've put a lot of time and thought and hard work into this. I hope the right doors open for you and that your kids never lose their ability to play. Blessings on your adventure.