Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tomato's in my heart

ah .... so me and tomato's .... well .... i love them.  so much you can do with them and so many possibilities!

before we moved i made a commitment to growing as many as i could to exploit the full length of the season.  well .... we moved and that didn't happen.  <sigh>

but ... when you move to the sub-tropics your world takes on a whole different perspective.  i smile when i think of the guys at Milkwood who are just now putting in their tomato's because out in mudgee they are just heading out of the frosts.  here ... well .... all i can say is that it's already sweltering.  which means .... GREAT tomato growing weather!!!  woohoo ... happy dance time!

so before the season started, i did this great little chart to show what tomato's can be grown to extend your season as much as possible.  check it out here.  i would be pulling a complete furfy to say that i have pulled off having these grow.  in total truth ... i have only one of these types growing ... the Rouge de Marmande ....

as you can see, these are growing in pots, happily, on my patio.  but i also have two others .... a lovely genovasy which gives fabulous medium sized fruit.  and some yellow current .... lovely little yellow cherry type tomato's ..... have heaps of these.

these are the Genovasy

yummy yellow currant
they are still growing .... but, as with my other seedlings, we will be running a test to see how they grow in the ground vs. in the aquaponics system.  hey!  it's fun and why not!  i have the perfect spot in the garden picked for them .... they will get heaps of sun.  mulch has been laid and now just need to build the trellis ... monday's project!  small ones have gone into the aquaponics system and are thriving already.  its kinda scary to be honest!

i have no doubt that a few others will get tested out as well. but i have to remember that we are in a rental and only have a certain amount of space.

wait till we get on our land and have a passata making party!  what fun that will be!

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