Saturday, June 18, 2011

o u lovely tomato!

ok ... so it's time to start thinking about the spring planting .... and i'm determined to get it right -- especially with tomato's .... because they have so much to offer!  it was important to have a really clear idea for what i wanted to grow.  here were my criteria.

  • being able to harvest fruit for as long as possible!  so i had to choose different varieties for different seasons
  • fruit that was full of flavour and versatile.  need to be able to use it for salads and passatta and sauce.
  • size matters as well as i  can't have all small or all staked.  so i have chosen a mixture of small and tall, bush and vine.  only a few require serious staking.... but knowing me, i'll end up staking them all anyway, just because it helps.
  • and fun, colourful stuff.  so i chose one that even fruits a light pink, and another that has red and yellow stripes!  different shapes too ... from small cherry, to large flat and squishy. 

so, here is my plan of attack.

i've also ordered one that i haven't listed simply because it's too funny and i'm not quite sure where to put it .... it's called Mr Ugly ... can you believe it!  supposed to grow huge vines with huge fruit that is really tasty.

All fruit ordered through Garden WorldEden Seeds and Diggers.



  1. Wow, good luck with that lot!

  2. Maggie you sound like a very organised person ...thinking about Spring. It is my greatest fault as a gardener- I am too artistic and usually think about planting something 5 mins before I want to eat it.
    it is good to have people like you around to keep me organised!

  3. hey kim! don't worry ... i'm not that organised! promise! i see seed raising as a type of therapy i think. being able to nurture these little things to life ... (getting ticked when a hole tray of broccoli doesn't sprout!). i transplanted 8 cabbage today to larger trays .... (toilet role style ala funky frontyard farmers, btw!) and it just felt good!
    i also think that it's a bit of an escape as well. i think if i were honest i would have to admit that i hide from my kids a bit in my greenhouse ... when this plastic sheet of a door comes down, somehow, it feels like i am in another world .... get some stuff going for spring woman! you'l love it!
    btw: can't wait to come and visit when you guys get the guest quarters set up! we love farmstays! they are good for the soul!

  4. I have been thinking about Spring too. I am determined to get a head start this year. I am not very good at it. I have lots of winter veggies in but I should be harvesting lots too...but I left my run too late. Not this next season....I am going to get moving.

  5. One of these days I plan to be this organised. Well done.

  6. What you are already thinking about spring?! You look like you know what you're doing... so you've inspired me to get cracking on my spring plans too. This is fantastic - I've already got a little spring in my step just thinking about it. Yippee bring it on.