Friday, November 25, 2011


that's it .... that's our dream and our goal.  our sustainable slice of paradise called


for a long time we kept thinking that when we saw the land we wanted, we would know what the name should be.  perhaps something with a filipino connection ... or something about the land itself.  but as time has gone by, we realised that our farm will embody a philosophy.  our approach to our future is that, whatever piece of land we get ... it is our job to be wise stewards of.  so after a few hours of driving around the countryside (with sleeping kids in the back) and tossing names around we came up with a few interesting concoctions  .... but after mulling it over and living with the name in our hearts .... we love this ... JustEarth.

just as in only or simply
just as in doing the right thing
earth as in soil / dirt
earth as in our planet and the community we engage in

the name embodies for us all that we want to achieve.  recognising the role that we have as stewards of this world and that we need to engage with our neighbors, not withdraw from them.  and above all,  acknowledging our Creator God's original design for this amazing world.

so that's our start .... our dream if you like (ok ... so maybe a bit "build it and they will come."  but that's ok!).  we are already dreaming about a sub tropical food forest, orchards with chooks running under them, humanure toilets, solar power, a market garden, pigs and raw milk .... <sigh>.  the journey to JustEarth will be fun, of this i am sure!  right now we are in the final stages of selling our house in sydney so we can actually look to buy and build.  it is a dream that is within reach ... where our children will live away from the city .... we will embrace sustainability .... because of our desire to secure our children's future and care for our Father's great world.   i look forward to sharing the journey with you!

Psalm 24:1 sais ... 
the earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world and all who live in it. 


(follow our journey to JustEarth ... in the next few weeks i'll add a page in the TOC 
called JustEarth ... that follows our journey to our slice of paradise!)


  1. JustPerfect! I'm looking forward to following the dream!

  2. Great name. I also will follow your adventures.

  3. I am so excited for you!