Saturday, October 8, 2011

a window ...

i am taking a moment to let you know that i am indeed alive and kicking.  heaps has gone wrong.  heaps has gone right ....

and here i sit on saturday night .... internet tethered through my phone as wifi (blame telstra and their lack of copper!).  kids are on the floor, bathed and in pj's ..... watching a kids show.  something must be right ... in spite of all the boxes that remain.

emotionally i'm feeling in a really surreal place.  like we are on holidays or something and that at some point we'll be going to our home .... the one we know and are really belong in.  i know that reality is different.  but it's how it feels.

random thots ....

isolation  and aloneness .... i can't but be honest and admit that.  the kids will have school, hubby will have work .... i'm gonna have to work at establishing some good local relationships.  but that will come.

we went out and looked at a 15 acre parcel of land that we fell in love with only to find out that the SES won't allow building because of the likelihood of being cut off in a flood.  oops.  ah well.  we have time.  hoping to go and look at a 280 acre plot next weekend.

have been to the local fruit and veg place.  they are good about doing local.

the kitchen in our rental sucks eggs.  no place to attach my pasta machine.  had packaged stuff tonight.  barf.

there is a strong community growers garden going in town.  will have to get involved with that.  have details somewhere.

having a hard time focusing.  but i shouldn't be surprised.  i want a simple life .... but somehow this just isn't the way at the moment.  feeling hopeful .... knowing that once we get into routines and connect with the community things will start falling into place .... but right now life is far from simple and far from sustainable.

promise to get my act together .... truly!

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  1. wow , 280 could have fun with that!! Enjoy looking , sometimes the longer you take with something like this - the better the result is.
    Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures.