Thursday, October 20, 2011

a tour of our backyard

i was just out hanging the laundry and thot you know what?  this yard is amazing.  for a rental, wow .... we are truly blessed.  so .... here is a tour .... of JUST the back .... not the sides or the front .... but the very back.  <g>  enjoy.

so this is the orchard.  heaps of citrus growing and it's fabulous.  they may not be the best looking trees in the world but as a renter, man!  i ain't complaining!  woohoo!  we get to reap the rewards!

and here is one of two paw-paw trees.  this one has had two fruit ripen on it.  
and, just when i've thot .... need to go out and harvest that tomorrow ....
"something" has gotten to it before me.
note to self:  make sure and harvest while still a bit green!

any idea what this is?  absolutely gorgeous red funky fruit.... but for the life of me,
i don't know what it is!  hoping it's some sort of exotic red berry
i can make a pie out of or something like that!

two monster rows of grape vines .... 
need i say more?

stone fruit .... i think!  could also be olives .... but doesn't look
like the right leaves for olives.  
maybe a small stone fruit like plum?  

.... and last but not least!  we have spotted three of these gorgeous creatures!
this one is the largest at about 60 cm .... but bearded dragons!
in our back yard!  woohoo!


  1. It's a Brazilian cherry. We used to have one in a rental we we in years ago & the kids loved to eat them.

  2. Thanks Jeanette! i'm looking forward to going out and picking a few in the morning! and, btw .... LOVE your quilts!

  3. What an amazing garden! Love that brazilian cherry too :) I had no idea what it was either :)

  4. Wow you lucky thing, that is a great garden! yOu won't want to move.
    The 'olive ' is a plum tree I think.
    The 'bearded dragon' is a Eastern Water Dragon ...we have them along our creek. They can swim!You must have water nearby.

  5. Kim .... yes we do live near water .... the richmond river flows about 20m behind the back fence (wondering what it'll look like in flood season!). an eastern water dragon ... woooo ... they are so cool. but have no fear .... we will want to move on ... to reclaim our own soil and build our own little corner of paradise. there is a weekend seminar on how to create a subtropical food forest going on at byron community college in a few weeks .... i may seriously have to look into going to that!

  6. Oh Maggie - what a blessing indeed! That place looks totally amazing, and I'm sure you guys will be really happy.