Tuesday, October 18, 2011

getting off the ground

so ... little things are starting to happen.  things that are making my heart start to grow and glow just a little bit.  and helping this, somewhat lonely heart, feel a bit more engaged in what is going on.  (yes, i have been feeling alone and without my friends .... but that is, perhaps, not something to be too transparent about in a blog or is it that i know that it just takes time and i don't want to be lectured about that at this point in time?)

  • took an inspirational road trip out to Daley's Nursery.  if you have never checked them out, you should.  wow!  i was truly inspired in my journey towards self-sufficiency.  while we can't grow heaps, yet ... just seeing the plethora of stuff that they offer for the warm temperate and sub tropical climates is way cool!  and i became a VIP member.  i had never realised just how close they were!  
  • and getting a few things to plant.  just herbs and few marmande tomato's at this point.  but it feels good to be doing that.
  • learning about where to be looking for land has been fun and educational!

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  1. Hi Maggie!
    I am hooked on reading grassroots magazine and earth garden magazine at the moment - do you read these? They are filled with inspirational stories of families having a go at what you and I are passionate about - sustainability. Best of all they feature trials and tribulations, failures and experiments. If you are feeling abit low head off to the library and borrow some old copies, you'll feel refreshed by reading of others failed attempts and then how they have perservered and made their dream a reality. Chin up - your closer to your dream today then you were yesterday and you'll be closer still tomorow.
    Much love