Friday, November 2, 2012

...bit of a JAM

so, i did it, i've learned how to make jam.  and oh my!  how yum!  this is my share in a batch of peachy unctuousness...  woohoo!

i hear you already saying ... well isn't that wonderful. i'm so glad for you ... i'm sure it's yummy.... but my life is just too busy for that sort of stuff.

well ... i have a few thots on that.  first is .... you are assuming my life isn't busy!&*?  truly???  and the second is the two "r's" ..... reuse and recycle.

  • REUSE.  by making your own food you are reducing your environmental footprint.  most home made jams are made out of the cast off fruit.  that which would be chucked in the garbage and the stuff that most humans look at and go "ugh -- not pretty enuf to eat."  we are using this, and making something delicious and yummy .... and trust me when i say that there were still some we didn't use .... and those went to the cows!  
  • RECYCLE.  jam jars .... huge waste and addition to our garbage!  this lets them be reused in a special way for some jammy goodness!  this one has really been hitting me now that we are on JustEarth.  we have to process all our own garbage ... and that is when you realise how much we make.  our family has been able to reduce our waste down to about one garbage bag a week.... but even that is too much in my mind.  at least jam making helps with a part of that!  <g>
and i reckon the fun of going to a farmer friend's orchard and collecting his waste (and having a mandatory cuppa and anzac) and then the next day getting your hands sticky from chopping and gas bagging with a good friend (also a farmer .... get a theme here?) .... well, that's all about community and appreciating the skills and relationships around us.  and honestly .... that makes it all worthwhile!

nectarines .... oh yum.  these were in the second batch of
jams we made.

yum.  bringing it to a slow rolling boil to get the setting
action going.

my friend jane stiring in her special jam making pot.

yummy unctuous goodness!  


  1. Maggie, you just sound sooooooooooo happy. You are living the life you were meant to live.
    I make jam too, I tried making it the traditional way, but now I just do small batches on the jam setting in the bread maker.

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