Friday, October 26, 2012


yesterday was a great day

i had two dear long time friends comment on the life that we have embarked on.  one said that i seemed so happy and in my element.  the other said it certainly seemed like i found my "mojo." and you know what?  i reckon they are right.  the life we are embarking on is not for everyone (the looks we have gotten over living in caravan compound with three kids have been amusing!) .... but ... it works for us, especially when we know what waits for us at the end of the day.

now .... don't be fooled.  is life easy?

no.  certainly not.  we've had some horrific weather .... days of blustery annex shaking winds and hot days with no a/c.  getting adjusted to knew patterns and rhythms for the day.  well, they do take their toll.

but the successes far outweigh the the adjustments.  knowing that we are already transforming this place and increasing the fertility is personally satisfying.  words just don't do it justice.

developing relationships that really make a difference and living life with a real sense of community .... those are the sorts of things that make the problems and difficulties easier to handle.

and truly ... in a permaculture / creation care world, problems are not problems at all.  they are opportunities to learn, to explore what works to improve the situation using sustainable and natural resources.  in other words ... it's fun!  it's a challenge to be tackled not something to be overwhelmed by.

and in the meantime, today i will be signing up for a beekeeping course at byron bay tafe and next week i am off to pick heaps of fruit and then turn them into jams and chutney's under the tutelage of a local expert!

i love my life!

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