Monday, August 13, 2012

In Which the Piano Exits Stage Left

so .... something you may not know about me.  i have a background in music.  LOVE MUSIC.

Martin Luther once said that "apart from the Word of God, nothing touches a man's heart like music."

i would agree.

so when i married my sweet husband, we didn't have a lot of money .... and to this day my desires are fairly simple.  i said that someday, when it was affordable, i wanted an engagement ring (now family ring, for obvious reasons), and a piano ... and not necessarily in that order.

well a few years ago, a part of that request was fulfilled, and we were able to obtain a piano with glorious tone at a fire sale price.  it is precious to me.  the kids love it too ....

but the practicality of having it in storage or out on the property until we build was ludicrous.  so we needed to find a home for it.  because of my love for it .... it needed to go somewhere that appreciated music and would take good care of it.

enter stage right a husband and wife team of musicians and music teachers who have not been able to afford a piano.  yep .... my baby would have a good place to be and would be appreciated at the same time.

so exit stage left my baby .... my piano.  enjoy your holiday.  i look forward to welcoming you home when our abode is built!

it was a good thing that we were busy and heading straight out to an anti-csg meeting.  i have since looked at the spot in the house where it lived and felt very unsettled .... just an indicator of the days to come i reckon!  best be flexible and role with the punches!


  1. Baby is safe and loved at my place Mags!
    You should have seen my students' faces when they walked in! They were so excited to play on a "real" piano! Most of them only electric pianos - some of them just K-mart keyboards! They were positively glowing after their lessons today :)

    Thanks for sharing her :)
    She likes her "holiday" space in my loungeroom.

    But after a nice, refreshing time here, I'm sure she'll be looking forward to coming home to you :)

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