Monday, March 5, 2012

I have been remiss ...

my blogging capabilities seem to be a bit stifled of late.

i have a blog post on the go entitled "excuse the french but sh*t" .... which everyone should read
i have books and idea's coming out my ears
i have three adorable children who seem to be in a huge growth arena right now (read: emotional!)
i have a wonderful husband who is working hard and enjoying work

we seem to be on the "verge" of buying the bit of paradise that will be JustEarth .... but are trying to iron out the final details.  planning and pragmatics!

and on top of all of that .... i am heading off to the Philippines in a few days.  i am very excited.  a week at the orphanage that our children call our first home ... working with them, enjoying their company, ministering with them and ... helping them in their beginning journey towards sustainability!  it is an exciting thing and i can't wait to report on it when i return .... doing sustainable stuff in the equatorial tropics!  how cool is that!

but that is then and this is now

my brain is addled.  i'm trying to get things ready to go.  cooking meals for the family while i am gone.  ensuring kids are taken care of while daddy is at work ... shirts ironed, all of it.  and then i have to get me ready to go!

perhaps an arduous apology and justification.

sorry.  but my head is swimming.  i promise i'll be better on my return.

see 'ya on the flip side!

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  1. It's always hard to juggle and keep things in balance. I haven't learned the secret to doing that yet. Hope you have a nice trip. I'm sure you'll have lots of pictures. Bon Voyage.