Saturday, March 24, 2012

Here's the thing ....

here we are .... waiting.

waiting to exchange on the land.  waiting because we have city slicker brokers and solicitors who want to make this as painful a process as possible.  i know there job is to make sure that all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed .... but you know what????


sorry ... just had to say that.  we live in a world that is so paranoid of this that and the other that it stops us from enjoying the world around us.  liability and lawsuits and screwing your neighbor or business associate reign supreme.  

but guess what?  not in my world.  the thing is ... i don't think that way -- we don't live that way.

one of the things that hits you big when you move rural is that people don't think that way.  people in the country are more genuine and more gentle than you could imagine.  we have certainly found that.  and add on top of that networking in the sustainable ag / permaculture network, where working as a community and helping each other is a guiding principle .... well ... you can't help but have the best of both worlds.

don't get me wrong .... we certainly do give things the once over and check stuff out.  however ...we trust the folks that we deal with.  when it comes to designing our property .... well, i'm thrilled to have Terrasancta Permaculture on board.  i know and trust where he is coming from.  and the same holds true with potential builders ... knowing that they have a sustainable bent means that we are coming from the same perspective and it's about helping .... sure they have to earn a living.  but they aren't out to screw us and get what they can.

it's where permaculture and sustainability is about so much more than growing things.  it's about a lifestyle.  and next to my dear brothers and sisters in the christian community .... i reckon the permie's have a good thing going. i suppose that is why i call myself a creation care activist .... it marries both of them in the best of ways.

permaculture is about people care and fair share, along with creation care.  it means that we help each other.

here's the thing .... trust me when i say that getting engaged in creation care and understanding what being wise stewards of this amazing world is all about ... well ... it will bloody change you .... completely.  

utterly and completely.

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