Thursday, September 8, 2011

Boing! Achooo! It's Spring!

well there is one way that i know that spring has arrived up here in the Blue Mountains .... my hay fever sneezes could bring down walls!

the kids laugh
so does hubby

i forgive them ... <g>  as always!

it can be very debilitating .... but i have to remember what it is really signaling ... that spring has sprung!  oh yeah!!!!!

my first pea harvest .... i am hoping to get heaps more
before we go!
the nasturtiums are creeping up
in every crevice and crack!
but the real way that i know that spring has arrived is the chalk drawings that appear on the driveway .... and my kids driving need to be outside, playing and having fun.


  1. Mark also suffers badly with hayfever, so while I rejoice I have to be sympathetic and bring that enthusiasm back just a tad in deference to his suffering. But it's just so good to be alive!

  2. My sympathys...achoooo back to you . Am trying a hint from one of my blogging friends of eating local honey because that is supposed to help allergies ....but you will have to wait till you move now.
    Love spring anyway though.