Tuesday, March 22, 2011

... the changing seasons ....

i can tell the seasons are changing.  the biggest teller that our days are getting shorter is that the chooks are not laying like they used to!  our plethera of eggs is gone and we will be using them mostly for weekend fare now, with the odd cake or cookie recipe thrown in.

i'm about half way through pulling all my tomato's up.  i enjoyed this season .... still not a huge success .... but better.  I had heaps of my little yellow cherry tomato's again and a fair few roma's (here is a pic of some greening up, away from the birds, in our front window).  i know we had a wet summer and as a result i had a lot that went straight to rot rather than red.  but i managed two good bottles of passata out of it all.  note to self:  next year make sure and use the large tomato stakes and manage the vines a bit better.  grow genovase and amish as well. 

soon i'll be putting in the onions (i can't seem to get these right), leeks and garlic ... along with heaps of other yummy winter veg.  i want to try celeriac this year.  i keep hearing it's a great food, especially as a hearty addition to a winter stew or soup.  broad beans go in soon to .... whoo hoo .... but you already know how much i love beans.  (i wonder if there is a challenge in there somewhere?????)

does the changing of the seasons feel like a refreshing of the soul to you?  it is for me .... taking stock of the cycle of life i was just in .... did it or didn't it work?  not just my garden, but my own life as well.  it is a chance to evaluate, think and ponder .... where will God take me this time?  what lessons have i learned that can be applied, thoughtfully, to where i am going now?  have i prayed about it?  sought His face?  and what will i be doing next? how will i be embracing the principles of caring for our world, caring for those i love and simplifying my life? 

already have my diggers order ready to go and look forward to using a new planting technique i got from my Intro to Permaculture course that i took from the guys at Milkwood.  it is supposed to simplify my planting and move me towards that "no dig" principle .... you can't get much simpler than that!  <g>

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