Books for the Head and Heart

so.  i love books.  and i have seen heaps of my friends taking on challenges to read this or that book .... or seeing folks who i admire submersing themselves in the written word to learn more about their chosen field.  so i thot ... man.... i should do that.  i'm a person who loves to learn by doing ... so reading to learn is a bit tough for me.  but a good challenge to take on!

i thot i'd start by reading books on a simple, effective and honest life ... to inspire and challenge me.  the goal will be a book a month.  hoping for a book every two weeks .... but let's cross that bridge SLOWLY.  i will write a review on each book and put it up as a post .... with a short excerpt for the reading list here to tantalize your reading buds!  i will also make sure that any books i read AND LIKE can be found in my online store so you can get to it easily if you are so inclined.  hubby is keen to read and learn about building and DIY aquaponics .... so no doubt i will have a guest author once in a while to keep the subject matter fresh!

to start with, we'll begin building the reading list .... and take it from there <g>.  and you'll know i've read them because i'll have a link to a posted review!  <g>  i'll list the title of the book i'm currently reading in RED.  books that i have already read and reviewed are listed at the bottom in PURPLE.

addendum as of 9 Sept .... why does my list keep getting longer and longer?????

Maggie's Must Read List

  • The New Organic Grower, by Eliot Coleman.  i'm taking a course in september on organic market gardening .... small and large scale.  i emailed the guys at Milkwood who are leading the course about what would be a good book to read before starting the class and this was recommended.  i can't wait! 
  • You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Start & Succeed in a Farming Enterprise, by Joel Salatin. Ok, ok .... ANOTHER SALATIN book i hear you saying.  well, i'm a fan ... and i ain't ashamed to admit it.  and besides.  given the "farm change" that our family is going through it would seem quite appropriate at this moment in time!
  • Global Warming and the Risen Lord: Christian Discipleship and Climate Change, by Jim Ball.  if i am going to say i want to walk as an environmental evangelist then i better start with reading this guy ... supposed to be fantastic.
  • Tree Crops, a Permanent Agriculture, by J Russell Smith.  a book recommended by the gang at Milkwood Permaculture.  it looks like something that would be a very educational read for me as we make our way to points north and my need to get my head around propagating and growing specific trees for specific purposes.
  • The Keyline Plan, by P.A. Yoemans.  A book by the originator of the concept of keyline design.  this is a must read as we prepare to engage in a farming way of life.
  • River Cottage Everyday, by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.  where can i start with my admiration for this chef who cooks seasonally and well!

these are the books i've read and done reviews on.  i hope that you find them informative and helpful!  click on the link to go to the review post.  
  • Folks this ain't normal, yeah, ok .... another one from my guru.  got interrupted half way through my organic growers manual.  but read this, you'll enjoy it and be philosophically challenged on so very many levels that you never thot possible!   review is here.
  • Everything I Want To Do is Illegal, by Joel Salatin.  well where do i start with my favorite earthy, christian guru farmer?  his take on how our rights to eat what we want should prove to be a humorous journey. what a great book.  if you have an anti-establishmentarian heart in any way ... read it!  review is here.
  • Backyard Self-Sufficiency, by Jackie French.  i have been wanting to read some of her stuff and saw this at the book store and it seemed the right way to go!  it looks like a book that is about planting in the garden to fill the kitchen all year round.  a mix of recipe's and backyard guru stuff.  i'll let you know how it goes!  well..... finished that one.  it does not disappoint and had me hooked from the first page!  Enjoy reading the review here.
  • unPlanned, by Abby Johnson.  The dramatic true story of a former Planned Parenthood leader's eye-opening journey across the life line.  not necessarily strictly in line with the permie thing -- but an issue to be wrestled with anyway.  and this book literally landed in my lap today .... so it would appear it is time for me to read this. i have opted to put this on my blog about adoption, and raising our three adopted children .... it would seem the review has more of a place there.
    it is a challenging book, yet a compassionate read and fair treatment of both sides of the argument.  you can read the review here.
whew!  think this will keep me busy for a little while!