Thursday, November 29, 2012

When Life Agrees With You

this one is short and sweet .... just, well.  because!

we've been on JustEarth for two months now .... since the end of September i have lost 15 kilos and my blood pressure is down to 103/70.  i was shocked .... my doctor was astounded.

when asked what i've been doing i am at a loss to explain.

sure .... i'm doing a bit more (but honestly, in this heat early mornings and late arvo are about my only active times!).
i am drinking heaps more water.
our food has become very simple .... grilled meat and veg .... and yummy to boot!

and yes, i still enjoy decadent cheese and chocolate.

so not really sure what i am doing.  you can't dissect this one .... apart from saying that when you begin living life the way you were called to live it (and that is different for everyone's not about farming, it's about being true to your heart) ... some things become easy.  each day has heaps of stress believe me ... but all i want to say is that for me .... for us, our family .... living this life is making the second half of my century much healthier than the first half!


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