Tuesday, September 27, 2011

things not to do when you are moving

... don't think you can get it all done at the last minute!
... don't go camping in sub zero weather and catch pneumonia (leaving your partner to do all the hard yakka!)
... it's okay to farm out the kids .... really.  they'd have had more fun if we had.
... relax
... and remember to enjoy the journey

i've not been remiss, but just been  very sick so no word from me. (truly, getting pneumonia and having a hospital stay while trying to move is ludicrous!  don't they know i'm busy!)

tomorrow the removalists arrive!

wednesday we head out to canberra for a national filipino adoption festival.

monday we head north ....

see you when we arrive and my head has unscrambled a bit!

until then .... well ... smile, have fun and remember to enjoy our world a bit!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

... in case you wondered where i was ....

so it's been a little while since i've written.  i've been really busy packing and sorting and trying to be healthy.  that has had a mixed rate of success however.

but last weekend i spent three days at Milkwood Farm learning about OMG (organic market gardening).  and if you and i were sitting down over a cuppa i would spend so much time telling you what i learned and how as a family we were inspired by our hosts Nick and Kirsten and especially by Michael and Joyce of Allsun Organic Farm, as they taught us from their 20+ years of knowledge on the subject.

unfortunately, my life is a bit chaotic right now .... so i'll leave you with my facebook post on the matter which links of to the Milkwood article.

"So, if you wanted to know where we were from the 15th to the 18th of September .... it was here. being inspired, feeling like I am getting in on the ground floor of something that will not only change our families way of living .... but have a positive affect on how food is viewed in this country. thank you so much Milkwood Farm for hosting and to Michael and Joyce at Allsun for teaching and inspiring us all! what an inspiration! my head is still spinning from learning about crop rotation!"

Read more about the weekend at Learning How to Start a Market Garden.

and alas .... it is time for me to go back to packing boxes.  8 more sleep before we depart Sydney!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

good for the soul ....

moving sale is done and dusted.  made a sweet $400+ to go towards a cool family present once we hit casino.

but i think the thing that has surprised me is the sense of peace that came out of it for me.  being so very generous .... practically giving things away.  the joy on adult and kid faces alike ....

the little girl and boy who were playing with the toys and her mum said that they were looking for something specific and couldn't buy them toys.  so i ask the kids if they could help me by taking the two kids sleeping bags and the Dora inflatable bed to help us out.  and of course the bag of dress-ups that needed a new home with that sweet little girl... i just knew she'd have fun with those.  <g>

and the lovely German accented grandma who asked if the Christmas tree really was for sale and how big.  i assured her it was 7ft and we had loved it heaps.  she was so excited .... declaring to her hubby that she'd finally be able to do up Christmas with a big tree the way she always wanted <g>

those things really made me happy.

it's simply!  getting rid of stuff is really good for the soul.  i would highly recommend it for any and all who want a brisk de-cluttering of their lives.

it's all happening

Lea's not quite sure what to make of it all.

My mate Deidre .... couldn't have done
the day without her!

A peek through the front bed .... stuff certainly was moving!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Boing! Achooo! It's Spring!

well there is one way that i know that spring has arrived up here in the Blue Mountains .... my hay fever sneezes could bring down walls!

the kids laugh
so does hubby

i forgive them ... <g>  as always!

it can be very debilitating .... but i have to remember what it is really signaling ... that spring has sprung!  oh yeah!!!!!

my first pea harvest .... i am hoping to get heaps more
before we go!
the nasturtiums are creeping up
in every crevice and crack!
but the real way that i know that spring has arrived is the chalk drawings that appear on the driveway .... and my kids driving need to be outside, playing and having fun.