Monday, May 7, 2012


International Permaculture Day was celebrated on the 6th of May.  we did what all good permies do who live in this neck of the woods -- travel to Zaytuna Farm, home of Geoff Lawton .... one of the international godfather's of Permaculture to get a farm tour from the man himself.

we got an insiders perspective on the how's and why's and wherefore's for permaculture at Zaytuna.  Seeing the progress of food forests .... 10 years old and 10 weeks old.  a kitchen garden that had our children (and numerous other kidlets that were there) playing their hearts out.  bamboo .... oh my .... again reminded of the uses and benefits!  rabbits ... we'll have to get over the cuteness factor because they are a great and prolific source of protein.  ducks, chooks, goats .... and dairy and meat cows.  and of course the all important aquaponics and soldier fly larvae collecting!  it really was great to see it all in action .... knowing it is achievable and do-able if we apply ourselves.

memorable quote of the day, "we're aren't food farmers, we're soil farmers ... it's about getting the soil healthy ... we are here to tend that."

a picture is worth a thousand words .....

... the beginnings of a food forest

an old trailer converted to a mobile chicken coop.  solar
power is used for the netted fencing so that these
birds can be moved around the property and do
their bit to help with soil fertility.

the kitchen garden.  i was in love .... instantly!

here Geoff is expounding on the value
of bamboo .... did you know it is
a grass/weed inhibitor?
"the man" sharing about the rabbits over ducks and
the chicken enclosure

more discussion on swales, water management
and this amazing creation

tomato's as a ground cover and weed inhibitor
an accident brought on by chicken tractoring
and throwing them tomato scraps ... fabulous!

i never tire of the amazing world of bamboo!

the kids running and playing through the
kitchen garden

jj showing off the size of the rabbit tractor.  these
little guys do an amazing job of fertilizing
and  mowing!  they also love to eat the weeds
that are some of the most noxious and hard
to get rid of!
deep in it .... a swale that is! retaining
water and feeding the soil.
the view at Zaytuna .... glorious!

permaculture is ...

people care
earth care
fair share

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