Thursday, January 19, 2012

the country folk blessing

so today we went to another farm.  lots of those here in our neck of the woods!  it's great inspiration for us as well as heaps of fun for the kids.  seeing what others are doing .... how they are choosing to live off the land in a way that works for their lifestyle.  it's really interesting and very fun!

as an adult, conversations about the coal seam gas issues, pasture regeneration, animal sickness, etc. are always interesting discussions.  and no less so today.  this little 6 acre small holding was fabulous!  the plethora of food that they grow and the availability of great produce cannot be minimised.  and they do all this with 4 kids running around!  amazing!    when i left today, i had a head and heart filled with great information and a strong sense of community.  i love the way country folk are so inclined to share of themselves .... no pretense and very "take me as i am" attitude.  it certainly warms my heart and my messy home!  there is a transparency about living rural that i am happily embracing as each day in this gorgeous little world goes by.

my larder has been richly blessed as well!  a queensland jap, zuchinni, mulberry tree cuttings and yummy tomatoes.  yes that is raw milk .... yes it tastes fabulous and yes .... i am feeling the need to make some cheese!  or try at least!
the bounty!    

they also do rabbits.  it's a good option for a small holding, given the limited land and the need to be able to feed good protein to your growing kids.  and yes .... they are cute! and yes, he does kill, skin and freeze them.  has two mobs on the go ..... this was a mum and 8 babies.  there was another pen with a mum and 6 babies.  they are good to go from about 5 months.  he keeps them up to two years, depending on need.  you treat the older animals like you would your end of the line laying hens.  broil them up and pick the meat off the bone and it works just fine!

i reckon if i can get my head and heart used to the idea of killing chooks to eat i can do the same with rabbits.  they have names for all of their animals .... but it's that relationship with the animal and respect for the fact that God called us to be wise stewards and care for them and use them wisely that makes killing them easier.  as joel salatin sais ..... they have great lives and one bad day.

oh, and in case you were wondering if the kids had any fun ..... <g>

... off to make stuffed zucchinni for dinner now!

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