Monday, December 19, 2011

Aquaponics Update

Hi All .... many apologies for not posting for a while.  year end school activities, massive sickness in the family .... all that.  well .... that's my story and i'm sticking by it!  <g>

i have had a few people asking about the aquaponics system and the experiment i have been running regarding the thesis that it is quicker to grow things in an aquaponics bed than a regular dirt bed.  why not, right?  makes life interesting!  <g>

the main aquaponics system seems to be bedding in quite.  we've had a few issues such as filters to be cleaned out and water flow .... but hubby has happily tweeked the system and it is going quite well now.  we also had some real concerns over shading.  didn't realise just how harsh the northern rivers sun could be!  while it has been a wetter year (again!) than is normal, on those days where the weather is warm ... man!  it is bright and hot!  so shade cloth has been installed!

so first .... the experiment.  beans planted in some yummy, well composted soil and even a modified drip line to boot.  at the same time, beans, from the same lot planted in the aquaponics system.  four weeks on ... well, shall i let the pictures speak for themselves?

in the ground
in the aquaponics
the results have been resoundingly astounding ... to say the least!  and if i'm being honest.... these pics are a good week and a half old .... we have had some dappled, muggy weather that has aided in everything growing like bonkers since!

here are a few shots of the aquaponics bed.  i can't seem to help myself planting more and more things in it and they are certainly taking off!

the big overview of the two beds
the malibar climbing spinach ready to go crazy!  (fyi,
a good summer season spinach alternative for when
you can't get your regular spinach in season!)
and strawberries!  they are going crazy!
there are other things in the system too .... coriander, various lettuces, corn, tomato's, basil, egg plant .... all coming along really well.

overall, i would have to say that i like aquaponics.  it is a great, closed loop, SUSTAINABLE system that allows you to grow things fast.  it is of course not suited to most root crops (can you imagine what a carrot or parsnip would look like???) but it can certainly do lots of other things.    i could never ditch good earth as the primary means of growing.  but this ... as an addendum is fantastic.  it's a great testing ground for hubby as he works out the kinks for when we go to JustEarth and actually grow eating fish as well, rather than using  goldfish.  i would also highly recommend this as a system that works for renters (like us at the moment!), where use of land is significantly curtailed for whatever reasons.

i can't wait to see what the summer months holds for production in the aquaponics beds .... i have a feeling that some amazing and yummy salads will be coming our way ... and that makes a mothers heart very happy.  and in the mean time ... aquaponics part deux has commenced .... stay tuned!
hubby laying in the pipes for
the next phase of

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  1. Wow , what a difference with the beans. It really is a great thing for renters , or people who are staying in an area for a short period.
    What kind of eating fish can you put in it?
    Merry Christmas, Maggie.... have so enjoyed your posts this year , watching your journey to your dream.