Tuesday, May 24, 2011


i just couldn't help myself in posting a few things today.  we were so excited about getting the chook run completed .... thinking it couldn't get any better.  whoo hoo!

so today, a postscript on the chook hilton.

our happy chooks!
good morning girls!
the chickens are settling in just fine.  a bit of concern from some of them over how in the world they are supposed to get in and out of this ladder .... but most seemed to navigate the plank fairly well.  and those who didn't, well, they flew!  including the australop.  remember she was the one who hiked it to the top of the chook house?  i turn around and see this black blurr whizzing past me as she flies straight out into the chook run from the top roost in the shed!  hmmmm .... gonna be interesting to see how she does going back in later!  but all in all they are doing fine.  the isa browns have figured out how to get in and out on the perch with ease so i imagine that they will be setting the standard to be followed.  not sure what we'll do if they don't go in tonight.  i imagine we'll wait until they are roosting and then pluck them up and put them in!  hopefully we won't have to go there.  it's all a matter of learning!  and chickens ... well, they are dumb but they aren't stupid!  instinct runs very strong for them .... you can tell.  they'll get it -- and if not, we'll give them a nudge.  (so why in my head am i singing the old Beatles tune, "i get by with a little help from my friends"?)

doesn't it look great!
we even got three eggs today.  was surprised at that and thot they would show their disdain for a few days at least.  but i guess, if you gotta lay, you gotta lay!  opened the back to find two sweet little nesting holes dug out in the hay .... so that is great.

they are digging up the ground a treat already.  just what we wanted!  and they actually get heaps better sun in this location than they did in the other yard .... so i am hoping the nice warm sun will increase the egg production (that is the goal at the end of the day!)

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